PCP update and Chrissy's OB update

HI all,

Starting with my PCP. He is concerned about the infection and popping. He ruled out Ethler-Danlos Syndrome. As for the headaches he suggested Advil/ibuprofen and alternate Tylenol/acetaminophen, but he was leaning more towards the Ibuprofen cause of the swelling in my neck and he said it might help the popping that I get. Overall good visit with him and see Doc B, in another 2 weeks.

As for Chrissy, her OB wants her to go back to the hospital she was at last night (it's ok cause that is here he high risk OB is) and be seen by their labor and delivery. They (primary OB's) say everything is fine and she should just drink more water to keep hydrated. I don't know but it will all work out son enough.

Thanks all.



Thanks for keeping us updated. It sounds like things are looking up. I am so happy for you all esp. concerning the baby. That must have been so scary. I hope you continue to have better days. Your attitude is amazing and an inspiration to all of us.