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Hey everyone,

It's been over 6 months since I had my decompression surgery and i know i'm better for it, however not entirely 100%. My problem now is school and as I am 16 years old I've just stared my first year of six form and I have missed a considerable amount of school which has caused me to be behind on work. Every time I try to go to school recently ive found myself getting really panicky at the the thought of it and i don't know what i can do to overcome this. I feel like i just want to take the year off and work at home so that i can do everything at my own pace. Please can i have some suggestions of what i can do so i can actually manage to go to school, thank you:)

I haven't had surgery, but I know everyones Chiari and recovery is different. If you can't handle school yet, my personal opinion is that you should discuss it very seriously with your parents and someone from school. Being behind is very stressful. If they can't give a significant help to get you through this year, I imagine the stress would only slow the full recovery down. If you are getting panick attacks or something similar, that are caused by stress, I think it's best for you to take the rest of the year off and focus on the recovery. If the stress has already done some damage(like panick attacks), I suggest you also see a psychiatrist to fix it, so that you can return to school next year fresh and healthy. :)

Don't ever be afraid to reach for help! Your health is the most important thing.

Hope you figure this out and feel better soon!