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Painful swallowing


Anyone here have painful swallowing? I know swallowing can be an issue but I can’t find anything that says anything other than just “dysphagia” which from What I can tell means, many different things.



When I got Chiari from an motor vehicle accident I then had swallowing problems and have had them since then. I have found out that I have a problem with my esophagus that I have to have tests for to see what can be done to help me. The symptoms that I have are the swallowing problem where the food gets stuck and I try to swallow and keep swallowing but the food just stays stuck. I have to then pardon my grossness but have to hock it up. I have to try and be careful to take smaller bites and that helps some too. I also drink a lot of fluid to try and wash the food down. Do you have a lot of indigestion or reflux issue as well. I do and part of it is attributed to my esophagus problem. This problem maybe related to having a large decompression and the lack of skull in the back of my head causing a lack of stability all the way around. My esophagus problem also causes swallowing issues. Go to a doctor that can order a barium swallow xray and that will help them to see if you have any issues with your esophagus and at least you could rule that out as a source of the problem. Hope this helps some


Thanks for your reply! I do have a lot of reflux and man can it be terrible sometimes. I can’t take PPI’s and the other meds only control it so much. I need to have another barium swallow done. The last one was many years ago and at the time I didn’t have a lot of swallowing problems. Best of luck to you. I hope they find a way to help you, quickly!