Painful Head!

I am noticing when I scratch my scalp that it hurt so bad and I have so many sore spots it's so weird!

I wonder how many others deal with this and how do you find relief. My shoulder feel so heavy like I have weights on them. The neurologist I seen a week ago said he didn't think my headaches and weakness have anything to do with chiari besides chiari shows it's head when you're around 15 or 16 and I am well past that age! He basically ruled chiari out as the problem maybe a pinched nerve or chronic migranes is what I'm having. What a way to live. Having issues that even dr.s can't relate to and to make matters worst he playing this guessing game with my health by prescribing me with all of these pills: reglan 10mg, aleve 220mg, imitrex 100mg, phenegan 25mg, vitaril 25mg, and Inderal. This is my list but I'm still suffering headaches so what's next? Dizzy spells, light headed, weakness, painful scalp, neck stiffness and very painful, painful shoulders, and sharp pain in head. Did I make a mistake getting injections of imitrex and steroids in my head behind my ear or did I make matters worst!

I know there is so much misguided information and it is so confusing. You just have to go out on a limb and find a doctor that will work for you!

Marie, that guy is nuts! After the 15 or 16 comment that appt would have over for me. Yes, you have find the right NS who knows enough to know every person has different symptoms and physiology. Quality if life should be the deciding factor, my opinion, for surgery.

Jenn :slight_smile:

Thank you Jen, because going day to day with not knowing if I can make it through with this pain and dizziness is very overwhelming. I am afraid of the surgery sorry

I am petrified but I also know I want and need some kind of relief! I thought I was being referred to a good NS but he's just filling me up with meds. I wonder where can I go next here in Birmingham, AL any suggesstions

Marie, you can make it. I know you are in a lot of pain and facing uncertainty- it’s scary. You are strong and you can do it. There is a member recommended doctors list- by state- under the DOCTORS tab at the top of the forum. Making the list doesnt mean they are a true chiari specialist though- you must still be vigilant and choosy.

Hugs, jenn