Been a bad week come down sick with broncitis and all I have done is cough. It making my head hurt so bad that it made me sick and dizzy headed.i have hold my head and scream because the pain been so bad. Anybody got any suggestions how to stop the pain from being so bad.

Lula, I recently saw a TV documentary (produced and presented by a trustworthy doc) who researched cough meds and found that a hot water, honey and lemon drink is as effective as OTC products for cough soothing ... and no limit to how often you can . Let us know what you think if you try it.

The cough has slow down some so I don’t hurt as much. I taking nausea medicine but it seems not helping any at all. Being sick has left me weak and no energy at all. I feel like I’m going collapse from being so weak. Just got find a way to get my energy back.