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Pain Relief

I went to the ER again last night because of another headache from hell. Everyone there treated me like i was full of crap. Almost like they expected me to ask for narcotics. The Dr. Finally came in and told me that she saw the abnormality also, so she verified my fears of Chiari. She asked me if i wanted something for the pain, and i reluctantly said im not here for painkillers and i just wanted to find out whats wrong and what to do about it. When i was leaving she handed me a perscription for some kind of antihistamine and naproxen. Which ive already taken before just to try and make the pain stop, which neither helped… Even in really high doses. What medicine or other means of pain relief have any of yall tried with success? Im really struggling here, while everyone ive seen includibg the ER Dr.'s look at me like im making up all of this… Any info would help, no one really understands what this feels like except people that have this.