Pain meds

How long did it take for you to wean off pain meds after you got out of the hospital? And how did you do it without being completely uncomfortable and in more pain? Please help!

So lucky. I am on Percocet and take two every 6 hours. I want to get off before I go back to work and have been on then 9 days in the hospital and two weeks out. I am so scared and frustrated to try and go down because it makes me sick. But I need to get off these. :frowning:

I took OxyContin in the hospital,my surgery was not that difficult,after coming home I probably took it for 2 days then Tylenol was all I needed.I wonder why for some it takes just a few days then others a lot longer?Maybe it is the extent of surgery done,mine was a craniectomy,laminectomy,and duraplasty it could be different methods by thr Dr.s too.

When I was discharged from the hospital they sent me home with Valium and Hydrocodone. I took the Hydrocodone for a week and a half after coming home. I still take the Valiums if I've overdone it or jerked my neck, still sore. My surgery was July 11 so I'm one month post op. I was still in pain and getting comfortable was hard for the first couple days after stopping the hydrocodone but it wasn't unbearable. I guess it depends on your pain tolerance. Some alternatives to help with pain that helped me were ice packs (on my head, not the neck), Tylenol extra strength is the most effective over the counter pain pill I found. If I'm in too much pain or too uncomfortable I just take some Benadryl and go to sleep.