Pain medication

I am using tramadol, paracetamol, pregablin at the moment. Not effective enough as headache so bad can’t move off bed today, lifting head up is awful. What has been successful for others, see cons on Monday so can discuss with her then

Hello Alison

I am feeling for you that you have not found any relief. I also did not find that medication helped with pain - before or after surgery. This seems to be a common concern for those with Chiari.

I have found other methods to deal with pain states. I have done neurodynamic exercises for funny arm, leg, and neck pain. Now, much improved. I have done motor control exercises to help with shoulder, neck, and back pain. Now, much improved. Trigger release of tender muscles works too. I walk every day (Okay, almost everyday!). This alone is supposed to be the number one thing to help with chronic pain. I started small and gradually increased what I could tolerate.

Knowledge and education have been essential in understanding what might be CHiari based concerns and what might be related to having a human body with frailties. Research on what anatomical structures are in the spinal cord helped me to understand my symptoms. For instance, the accessory nerve runs through the foramen magnum. Who knew? This nerve can be compressed with brain herniation. This nerve innervates the trapezius muscle which helps to control shoulder movements. Motor control exercise can help to keep the trapezius working well and NOT contributing to shoulder and neck pain.

The book "Explain Pain" and "Guided Motor Imagery Handbook" have been invaluable in returning control to my life and providing me with tools that can help me - not just band-aids with nasty side-effects. Also, "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" gave me strategies on banishing head aches among other aches and pains.

Deep learning is hard work but I have found that only I am deeply motivated to get me better. I wish you luck and courage in finding solutions that work for you.

Thankyou for so much info, spent Sunday reading up, found my key points, very painful, and worked on massaging them and it helped a lot.saw consultant yesterday and they are arranging admission for CS pressure monitoring fitting a bolt and observing pressure for 48 hrs to try to identify cause of pain. Have any of you had this procedure? How is it removed?