Pain in small intestine

Has anyone had stomach problems and are they related to your Chiari? Before I was diagnosed with CM I was already in and out of the hospital for problems with my stomach. I get severe pains just above my belly button that come in waves. These pains bring me to my knees they are so bad. I was in the hospital twice before I was diagnosed with CM with them. Docs have run every test on me and they don't know whats causing it. My white blood count is always high and I have fluid in my stomach that doesn't belong there and a section of my small intestine is inflamed. I thought the problem went away but it happened again this week and again the docs don't know why. I am wondering if it has anything to do with my CM?


Have you had a GI work up? endoscopy? Colonoscopy? I had stomach issues and had a time getting a doctor to listen! I had had adhesions in the past and had them removed 8 yrs ago..then I had the same pain again..started this past August...had a complete GI work up and all was well...FINALLY I went to the right doctor who only does laparscopic surgery...he listened to my story and he agreed that it sounded like adhesions...In January he took them out and i have been good ever since.

I am sharing this with you b/c maybe this could be your issue to..just throwing it out there. Let us know how you are making out!

I have been having stomach issues for a few months. They can’t find what’s wrong. I have had colon test and upper Gi! I have had 2 cat scans. I have these painful attacks and there are no rhyme or reason to them. I am nauseous a lot too. I go for more tests tomorrow they are checking my pancreas.