Pain and muscle weakness

I know that muscle weakness is listed as a symptom of Chiari. But, has anyone experienced chronic pain and muscle weakness? Do they normally go hand in hand?I was given steroids in the hospital when I was first diagnosed and that helped. But, of course, the pain and weakness returned within a month. Does the muscle weakness normally go away after the decompression surgery? I asked my PCP , Neuro and NS and they all want to deal with it after surgery. So, in the meantime both of my arms feel like the they are slowly becoming useless.

I don't know enough to give you answers, Curly, but until some more knowledgeable members weigh in, this former discussion may be helpful:

I tend to think that any Chiari symptom may or may not subside with decompression surgery. I know you are looking for a definitive answer, but not much is difinitive with Chiari.