Out of surgery

Thanks everything for the thoughts and prayers. Surgery took about 7 hours and was more complicated than expected but went well. She is in ICU and in a lot of pain. She is also very swollen. Now the recovery begins!!

Good to hear :)

Great to hear!

That’s really wonderful news,take care of her and yourself also.Keep us up on her progress.


Thanks for the update...the 1st week or 2 are the hardest...it was for me, anyway...then it got better...

Thanks for the update. My prayers are with her as she starts to recover.

So sorry for her pain :frowning: :frowning: But we’re all praying for a quick recovery that leaves her better than before! Hopefully, one day I’ll be announcing on here that I had surgery and am recovering. Or maybe I’ll have my mom post for me-- I doubt I’ll want to be on my phone immediately post-op! Thanks for keeping us updated!