Other symptoms?

I have the “normal” symptoms, headache , problems wth balance, walking, fine motor skills, speech, memory, pain ect…Anyone have these: hypertension, always thirsty, weird food cravings, swelling of the legs and feet and sensitivity to touch (feels like pin pricks)??

That’s how my legs are. I’ve been reading the blogs and seeing what other people say because one Dr. Tried telling me the only thing I should have is a headache…owww ouch! I think the hands would be worse. :frowning:


I am always thirsty am sensitive to touch and all kinds of clothing bother me also and my legs especially have the burning sensation down the outside thigh muscle and my calfs. There is a list of symptoms I think it's in the resource section. There's actually 2 the second one listed is the more detailed one. So many doctors think it's just a headache and that we are imagining the other symptoms! Like we'd really want to feel this way? I've never understood that reasoning.


Thirsty here too! I do one glass as soon as I wake up with morning pills. Then coffee, another water with mid day pills, water with lunch. Water with dinner and evening pills and another large glass before bed, with Amitriptylin . I always have a full glass of water that I carry around with me - I am just always thirsty.

I have electrical zingers/zaps that run through me all the time. The Lyrica has lessened them but does not take it all away. My feet and toes/fingers seem to be puffier but I chalk it up to the extreme heat we have in Michigan lately. We registered 107 last week - that is real temp not heat index. I think it is disgusting since we have the Great Lakes all around us that when the temp is so high, the humidity is also high......It's like a little Sauna Mitten here.

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. lol Since this started a month ago, my legs and feet have gotten so swollen they're covered in stretch marks. My hands are so swollen I can't wear my wedding ring. There is a spot on my back (right on top of the shoulder blade) about the size of a softball that constantly feels like someone has slapped a handful of bees onto it - if my hair or clothes touch it, it is out of control painful. I thought for awhile I was pregnant because I would crave things like fresh pineapple, watermelon, honeydew melon, vanilla flavored protein drinks, boxes of crunch-n-munch, and Milky Way Darks. Everything else made me sick to my stomach. Last night and this morning I felt like the skin of my arms was on fire - husband felt them and said they weren't even warm.

I also have the "normal" symptoms: tinnitus, double/blurred vision, headaches after coughing/laughing/sneezing/etc, fine motor problems, balance problems, neck and shoulder pain. Still waiting (almost five weeks later) to see a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Living in limbo like this, in pain, with no end in sight, is such a nightmare.

I know this sounds bad but I’m relieved I’m not the only one. I have been struggling with this for years to be treated like I am hypercondriac. Finally diagnoised and can’t wait for surgery. I crave anything dairy, pickled or brined…meat lately makes me nausous…I went to the dr today. They are putting me on meds for nerve pain. I’m praying it works.