I am really concerned with having the syrinx that I have no choice but surgery. It is a thin line but it does go all the way down the cord. Trying not to worry too much until I see the neurosurgeon.

Hope, the hardest thing to do is not worry before you actually see the doctor. We tend to assume the worst and read a lot of things that may not apply to us. I know it’s scary. I have Chiari and a syrinx. Although my syrinx is only 3 mm…it is causing me problems. The doctor will explain what you have and give you some options. You always have options and you always have some time to breathe and make an informed decision.

Do you know the sizes of your Chiari and Syrinx? Although size doesn’t matter at all…I am just curious.

No. My neurologist left me a message in what was found. I know the syrinx is very thin.

How are you doing? How long have you been going through all of this?

wow..that is a good question. I was told I was lucky because I have chiari too. A syrinx without chiari has little options. However, surgery is the only recommended treatment. And draining it or putting the...is it 'shunt' in?...has too many complications for most NS to try. Thats where I live anyway. But would love to hear from some people that have had treatment for just a syrinx and what the outcome has been...??

My syrinx is wide from C2 to T 5-6. They say the bottom is stable but the top is advancing upward. So most of my pain etc is from the waist up. I am so sorry yours is the full length of your spine. I so feel for you..thin or not..its there. My heart so goes out to you.

I wish you best of luck and hope you keep posting.


Thank you. I can’t wait til I see the neurosurgeon to see if anything is needed to be done but monitoring. Surgery stories I have heard about is not reassuring.