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One month after decompression


I want to get up and move around I want to be able to take care of my children but I can only seem to get out of bed for 10 minutes at a time and when I leave the house for any reason mostly doctors appointments I get so sick I’m almost throwing up and all I want to do is lay down plus I get numb on my right side of my face and my throat when I do too much I had problems before surgery but this feels like it’s worse now I just want to return to the person I used to be


It is too early for you to be caring for children and leaving the house. Only go to absolutely necessary medical appointments, otherwise stay home. Nothing wrong with getting up for a little walk periodically during the day after lots of rest.
Get your spouse to call people in to help you pronto. No spouse, get your mother to. Regular daily assistance is necessary. Your job is to recover from a MAJOR surgery. Stop complaining about what you can’t do and do what you need to do right now - this does not include cleaning the toilet or getting snacks for children. Your role in life is not the same right now. Get off the computer and social media and rest your brain. Rest your body and listen to it.


Write these things down as we do not explain ourselves well verbally when we are not feeling well; doctors respond better to something that is written as it is there in black and white without the emotions tagging along.
It takes a time (a good three months to feel better again) so definitely no overdoing and remember you are educating your family about Chiari in this process of recovery. Be tough on this one it will be a valuable lessen for them.
If you are still seeing no improvement get to another medical office for an objective second opinion.