On Again/Off Again Symptoms.....Driving Anyone Else Crazy?

Ugh.....so I just had a glorious, relatively symptom-free week, then this morning I am awakened by aches and pains and dizziness.....it makes me almost wish this was an everyday thing instead of a good week, a bad week, a good couple days, a bad week, etc.....I feel like I get teased by my CM-1.....like, "look, see what normal feels like?......okay, time's up, back to your pain-filled days! Ha, Ha!"

I know I sound like I'm throwing myself a pity party, but it's just so hard to get a taste of normal just to have it yanked away again......

Oh yeah…I can usually tell when a bad storm is fixing to hit! All my symptoms get way worse! The heat really takes it out of me, too. I mow grass and end up with a horrible headache and have to go lie down.

I’ll definitely have to check those out!!

LOVE THE TOWEL!!!!!! I also have a roller coaster life anymore, just keep your head up and take full advantage of your peaks!

Does anybody know WHY we have ups and downs? I mean, my brain herniation is there all the time, so why can I have 2, 3, maybe even 4 days in a row of wonderful normalcy and then from out of nowhere all my symptoms come back? I just don’t get it…