Occipital neurostimulator

Went for my surgery yesterday for the trial occipital neurostimulator for my headaches. I will keep you all posted on how it works. Not sure if it will help with the pressure though. Gonna post a couple pics. If the trial works the will implant the permenant device. Oh don’t mind the lovely haircut the neurosurgeon gave me.
237-image.jpg (1.41 MB)
238-image.jpg (1.41 MB)
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Have you noticed any relief so far? Hopefully this will help you!

It has been rough to determine at times. The first few days a wire was disconnected so the unit was not running correctly once the rep from the company talked us through a check of the unit and how to fix I was able to turn the current up without feeling like my brain was being shocked constantly. Still wake up with migraines, they are like 20/10 when I wake up and have to medicate but after that they seem to have decreased in intensity during the rest of the day from 9/10 to 5/10 so with the trial so far a little more manageable. I go today to remove the trial unit and see what they plan as far as the permenant one. I still feel pressure also but do have IIH also so until I speak with the neurosurgeon I am unsure of what they are gonna want to do. I am gonna try to put a couple more pics with a better look without the dressing.
241-image.jpg (1.16 MB)

Pic 2
240-image.jpg (1.03 MB)

Melanie I hope to heck this works for you. I know you have been in a lot if pain.

To let you guys know I found that the stimulator was a great help with my headaches. They removed the trial today and within an hour my headache and pressure was at a 10/10 and before they removed it I was able to function without taking migraine medication constantly. So I will be getting the permanent stimulator implanted in June. If you feel this might help you please have a conversation with your NS about the possibility of at least the trial. It may reduce your daily medication by at least one a day. As if we Chiarian’s don’t already take enough just to get though our daily lives. I am not saying it will work for everyone, but maybe some of you can get some relief.