Occipital nerve block

I had an occipital nerve block 5 weeks ago, and in the last three days it has completely worn off. My doctor said she will try the block again or try me on neurotonin (I have a very low drug tolerance, so I'm reluctant). What are the odds of a second block working any longer the second time? I do NOT want to go through that again if it's just going to fail again.

My understanding is that the blocks are only designed to last for a few days to a few months at best.I’ve only ever had one, and it lasted just less than a month. I wouldn’t count on dramatically different results than you experienced the first time.

Best of luck to you!

My NS told me up to 6 months-to a year. Otherwise I never would have even considered it :frowning: The sucky part is the pain is worse now then it was before the nerve block, so I’m not sure what to do. I need to be able to function when school starts in January. I can’t do nothing, I don’t want another nerve block, and neurotonin sounds horrible.