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NY/NJ area docs & basic info

Hi- was just told that I have a chiari malformation but haven't been given much info. In looking through this site it is the reason for so many of my symptoms. The neurologist that I went to because of memory problems sent me for an MRI & called me the otehr day to say that the "Mri is basically normal but I have a mild chiari malformation, which is nothing to worry about & isn't causing my memory problems" - said he will call me this week with more info...

After reading I'm pretty concerned that he would say it's nothing to worry about but will see what he says when he calls.

Starting to research on docs in the area- has anyone had experience with docs at The Chiari Institute or Weill Cornell Brain & Spin Center?

Thanks in advance


Any updates, Judy? How are you?

Heading to NS in NYC tomorrow for initial consultation.

I am on medicaid so it has been difficult to find a doctor.

The Chiari Institute, Columbia Neurosurgery and other doctors I wanted to look into don't take my insurance.

I am looking at Weill Cornell Brain & Spine Center, Dr. Greenfield. Who did you see, please give me some insight because it sounds as if you've found someone and are further in on the process?

Welcome and chiari does affect your memory. You will find doctors know very little about what we go through. They want to only look at the number of mm but symptoms are important. Chiari affects you in small ways you may not even realize because it has become normal for you. Example leg aches, trouble sleeping, painful dental, trouble getting words out, stumbling, tripping, vision changes, hearing changes, body aches, head aches. Listen to your body and find a doctor who listens do your research! Good luck and prayers for you…it’s a long journey