Numbness in right thigh

WOW! Things has changed. I’m a bit lost because its been so long seen I’ve logged on and I had a lil trouble but I’m here. Well how is everyone doing? My condition hasn’t changed much I’m still having chronic pain on left side with burning and numbness. I still have headaches and numbness and sharp pain in my right thigh. Has anyone else have this problem

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Welcome back Tradee30, we are glad you are here.I have right sided pain and the burning feeling, but in a different place than you have. I get right sided migraines, usually it starts with that burning feeling on my ear and face, then the burning radiates down my neck to my shoulder and arm. All of this happens only on my right side. Luckily it’s not constant and it doesn’t happen quite as often since I had decompression surgery. Before the surgery I had to deal with this almost daily. I hope your pain and burning isn’t constant and that you get relief from time to time.

Kelly :slight_smile: