NS appointment tomorrow

I am so nervous and worried to have them say that there is nothing that can be done right now... I am so tired of this run around game and need answers and some sort of plan from here.

There's nothing to worry about... I hope you have a great appointment tomorrow, but if you don't get the answers or treatment you're looking for - all you can do is take it for what it's worth and move on. You are absolutely right, you do need a plan. So, if nothing else, do your best to know what your next step is before walking out of the office :) good luck<3 be strong!

If I remember from a prior post your CINE showed diminished flow, correct? If so I don't see why they wouldn't treat you so I wouldn't worry too much. I am supposed to go there on the 5th but my CINE was apparantly normal and I'm paying out of pocket since they don't accept my insurance so I'm not sure it's even worth the drive for me.