NS Appointment Monday

I have an appointment with a NS from the University of Wis Monday. He has me a bit confused saying he will treat my Chiari but not my head aches I will need to see a Head Ache Dr for those. Please tell me he is just kidding and knows the Chiari and Head Aches go together.

I would call and find out for sure. If hes not joking, well I would be wary to say the least. NS don’t usually have much of a sense of humor…

Thankfully my neuro has an amazing since of humor. Couldn’t have asked for a better dr.

Maybe your dr meant that he can’t guarantee your headaches will go away. Surgery is not a guarantee to get rid of symptoms.

Hoping the best for you.

I agree with Pattis response. But… If that’s the case then does he historically not have good outcomes? That’s what comes to mind for me. However, I’m glad you have an appt in the works- just be very critical of the person who operates on you.


Definitely need to check and see what he exactly means. The surgery is not a guarantee that the headaches will go away, but he should know that Chiari and headaches go together. If he doesn't, then I would seek another surgeon. We have a great one here in Maryland - definitely worth the trip.

I agree with what others are saying for sure...give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe he just has a weird sense of humor. BUT if he really thinks that way, please do yourself a giant favor and do not go to this Dr. Anyone can "say" they know Chiari but that is a clear message he does NOT..Best to you and God Bless!

I agree with all of the above. Chiari and headache go together and if he is not joking then I don't believe that he knows enough about Chiari. Ask your surgeon how many chiari operations he has performed and what his post op plans are for you. physiotherapy is crucial to your recovery and it has to be with a physio who know about Chiari and the exercises required post surgery. It has taken us two years to get to this with Aoife and the physio has told us that there is so much weakness there and wastage that it will take a long time for her to feel the benefit, but that it is unlikely she will regain full recovery. Get all of the facts before your op . We did not and regret it since...but we relied on the professionals, ie. the medical professionals and now realize that the real professional is the patient!

Sounds like a good one :)Please make sure you guys rule out EDS and cranio cervical instability before surgery is planned!!