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Not psychogenic-C5/c6 neck surgery before Chiari decompression

Has anyone else had vertebrae and spinal cord compression (2 places) issues along with Chiari? I actually got an apology from a neurosurgeon. I posted before about the doctors, including my neurologist, at Hopkins all thinking I was wanting attention and making up my symptoms and seizure like activity. I went to see another neurosurgeon who had me get a CSF pulsation/ Chiari malformation post fossa MRI. I had already been diagnosed with a 7 mm Chiari (which apparently, according to Hopkins wasn't big enough and had enough CSF flow and room) that there is almost complete blockage of CSF behind the tonsils. The multiple previous MRIs didn't pick it up. I already had been diagnosed with spinal cord compression from a herniation in my c5/c6 and L2 vertebrae.

The neurosurgeon actually apologized for the way I had been treated, including himself. He feels that my seizure like activity, which I am having again is being caused by a) myoclonis which is spinal cord related shaking but usually only occurs when dozing off, b) myelopothy which is damage to the spinal cord that he doesn't see on the MRI, but may when he gets in there or c) too much pressure on my brain because of two points of obstruction of CSF flow or d) a physical response to the fear of physical pain. He assured me that this was all physical symptoms of physical issues.

He is recommending the surgery on my c5/c6 vertebrae first, allow my nerves to heal as well as my neck, and then see if I still have symptoms. If I still have symptoms, that are at least unliveable, then do a Chiari decompression and if I still have symptoms then to consider surgery on my lower back. He feels that by freeing up the flow in my spinal cord at my neck that there is a strong chance that many of my symptoms will subside by freeing the pinched nerves and spinal cord from compression. Reading about spinal cord compression symptoms and neck issues, many of the symptoms resemble Chiari as well.

Anyone else have disc surgeries along with Chiari?

Hi, Faithful.
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