NO News is Good News, but I got GOOD News

I can't remember if I shared all of this information before but hey since all of you are family or at the very least more supportive than most of my family, here goes nothing.

We found Chrissy is having another GIRRRRRL (yes that will be 3 for me) due October 5th and the most popular going name is Rosa Jane. I may be looking to do some couch surfing when she gets older (Sarcasm) LOL. Due date is October 5th, but Chrissy has never carried to full term, my bet is around Sept 14, get your date now, prize is a great big gentle hug.

Date for decompression surgery is in JULY will schedule after MRI in June, NS thinks my syrnix is getting larger, because he believes my symptoms are getting worse after the c5 - c7 fusion in March.

With our eldest, Katrina, they are making some progress with her urinary and gastric issues......will know more after 24 hour eeg next week.

Emma (current youngest) is happy to be a big sister and has officially joined the DADDY's GIRRRRRL CLUB demonstrated by instead of staying up when big sister went with mommy to bus stop, she curled up in bed with me and went back to sleep. :)

Finally I was able to get 10 tomato plants planted with already having 2 rows of sugar snap peas in the garden and NO major ill effects. I am learning when to call it a day and still trying not to over do it, but on hot days like today, I am not doing anything cause I just walked to the garden and got winded, dizzy, etc.....No work today just a friends B-day party that we will be in and out after a couple of hours then home for a nap.

I think the garden will help to keep me motivated and some non strenuous work after surgery (eating fresh veggies is always good)...Kids said they will pick the veggies and berries for me.

I am done rambling for now hope all is good for everyone else today. gentle hugs lots of well wishes, positive thoughts, prayers, and all special good things for all of you today.

Mike, President and CEO of his girls' DADDY's GIRRRL CLUB

that's not GOOD news - that's GREAT NEWS - congrats on you precious blessing!!! - Carol