No help and feeling frustrated

Is there anyone who gets treated for their symptoms by a neurologist?? I can’t seem to find a neurologist who will treat my symptoms, or even believe that my symptoms are related to my Chiari. I have an 8-9mm herniation and I do not have syrnix. My most troublesome symptoms are a choking feeling in my throat daily. Pain in the back of my skull, a burning type pain. I have a VERY hard time sleeping at night… And my heart races, especially when I can’t seem to find a comfortable position. When I start to fall asleep, some nights I wake up startled to a pounding heart. I’ve been drinking a relaxing tea at night to try and help. But this terrible choking feeling is driving me crazy. I get some facial twitches that make me feel self conscious. I am very fatigued, dizzy and have a constant ringing in my right ear. I saw a new neurologist today that was recommended by my neurosurgeon… And he only wanted to send me to a pain clinic. I told him I can handle the headaches and neck pain-- but I need help with my other symptoms?? He flat out told me there was nothing else that he could do for me and that he feels my symptoms are not related to the Chiari. This is now the second neurologist who has basically written me off, along with my pcp. They only want to give me headache medication and not address any of my other symptoms. My NS said I’m not a surgical candidate & he is considered a Chiari specialist in my area. I live in PA and have access to “good doctors at UPMC” yet none of them, outside of my NS seem to know anything about Chiari-- or at least “can’t help me.”

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m getting depressed and feeling hopeless about finding any relief. I’m a nurse working part time and also in school… Trying my best to stay positive for myself and of course my family!

Hi sorry to hear of your difficulties finding a doctor that can help with the other symptoms. Check out the Chiari Info tab above for tips on finding doctors in your area. If you feel your PCP isn’t being helpful enough with your symptoms, it may also be time to consider finding a new PCP as well.
The choking symptom you are having may be Dysphagia. I have read about this symptom in past discussions. Here are a few discussions related to that topic-
Best of luck in your searches. I hope you find answers and relief soon.

Thank you, I feel like I’m on the constant run for Doctor searching. No relief since I got this Chiari diagnosis. I have an appt with my NS again this week. There are no neurologists in the area that have been able to help me so far… Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Beaches, you can also consider going outside of your area. There are members here who have found the right neurologist fit in other nearby/outlying areas. I don’t know if this is an option for you, but worth considering if it is viable.