Next saga from my nl

Oh lawd !!! Now y’all who know this horrid woman I’ve found the balance with my smiles and bless your hearts right??? Btw it’s EXAUSTING she still has the personality of my flip flop but that aside she wants me to get a second second opinion for once or twice she has finally decided finally I say after a lp 800 tests a csf leak blood patch etc that here comes…I do…NOT have MS. Newsflash I knew that eight months ago :slight_smile: but oh well. She wants me to see another nl at university before any sort of surgery I do agree she feels yes something’s wrong but again she feels that the herniation has nothing to do with it as the first MRI called it a chairi but the second did not they called it something different ectop… Blah can’t remember so she said technically its not a chairi now hmmmm so officially I’m not one of y’all well only on one report lol the herniation is 6 mm so advice please let’s talk this one out I’m a little confused and two surgeons saying different things one who is educated on my condition says I need surgery due to my symptoms i fell Sunday have bruises and cuts all over me but its all good lets do more tests ugh

It sounds like she isn't very familiar with chiari. My NL was this way too. Certain that there was no way it was causing issues. He told me I had chronic fatigue syndrome and that I'd just have to live with it. Well four months post-op and I'm exercising at least 5 days a week with no signs of CFS!