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Newly updated Member Recommended Doctors List!


I am from Saraland AL, any ideas on good Chiari physicians near me. I can go several states away if needed.


I’m in Benson,North Carolina here and see Dr Mhoon at Duke Medical.I would recommend him to anyone.


Dr. Limbrick is a pediatric neurosurgeon in st Louis. He was amazing on all levels. The hospital and staff were great too…Washington Univ/Barnes/Jewish


Dr. Oro is back in the game! He came out of retirement sometime last year and has opened up the Colorado Chiari Institute at the Medical Center of Aurora. When my head is feeling better, I can get the info for you, but I wanted to make sure you all know about it so he gets put back on the list.


Dr. Eppley in Newark, Delaware is REALLY good!! Trust him with my life on more than one occasion now. Bedside manner is fantastic and doesn’t push into surgery.