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Newbie - symptoms and natural treatments?

hello, i haven’t been diagnosed with chiari, but a MRI shows a descent on one side 3.5 mm. About 2 years ago, I felt dizzy, lightheaded, wobbly in head, some heavy headedness. When turning head down, feel like head wants to overcorrect in going forward, etc.

i also have some minor cervical disc degeneration and possibly some alar/transverse instability in the C1 disc.

I am wondering if the symptoms would be related to the chiari, the ligaments or the cervical discs?

Also, is it safe to do chin tucks to stabilize the head?

What other exercise/stretches do you all do?

Anyone do cranial osteopathy?

I also found this link and anyone found relief with dizziness/off balance here:

is there anyone here from GA and know any specific holistic chiros/osteopaths/doctors who treat this?

God bless you all