Newbie here

This site is great! I wish I would have found it sooner.It's so comforting to find others that are experiencing much of the same things as me.

I've had a very limited support system, my family chose not to get involved, and I'm single. But I did it! And got through the surgery on June 1st. A few former coworkers came to my aid and did my grocery shopping for me when I was down, and some online friends really kept me going. My two closest friends are out of state and were unable to help in person, but were a great help on the phone...checking in on me etc. On top of it all I lost my job since I was out longer than 6 months. I have to get in the mind set to look for a job while I recover. Ugh!

The loss of my family's support and another loss of a close friend during this time was a huge blow, we really do find out who are friends are don't we? You that had family support are so days were spent in bed...alone and so scared!

My goals are to remake myself...get more involved socially and make new connections. And to think about a new job. Wrapping my still very sore head around that is going to be my greatest accomplishment. Any thoughts, ideas would be greatly appreciated!

You are so brave! I guess I would make plans with local friends as often as possible, maybe get involved in some volunteer work if you feel up to it, or join a group or a church if you are religious to form a bigger network. I'd say people would love to have such a strong friend in their life! Good luck on your recovery and job search!


Wow! You are so strong. You must be an amazing friend to have them step up like that and help. I would like to second what both Beeba said and Angelyn said...Great advice. Sometimes we have to make the family we wish we had with others. You sound like you are determined and have already got through the surgery. Chiari just makes us stronger and more resilient. We are all here for you when you need people to listen and if you need to vent.


I'm new to this as well. It's so great to find people who understand how discombobulating this can be! I really hope you can build up a new network of supportive, loving, caring people. :)

Good luck in your journey!
Katrina W.