Chiari Online Support Group

New Yorker here


Hi -

My name is Bridget, and I live in New York (Westchester County). I was diagnosed w/Chiari in 2018. With progressing symptoms, I’ve had to alter my life significantly. I am coming to terms w/the reality of surgery. I have consulted with Dr. Stieg at Weil Cornell and a few others. I am awaiting an appointment at Johns Hopkins. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have symptoms that have made my quality of life fairly poor, but I don’t take surgery lightly. I want to find the best doctor in my region.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to hear from others like me :slight_smile:


Hello! I live hundreds of miles from New York but have considered going to Weil Cornell for a consult as there are just not many in my area or the surrounding that handle or know much about chiari. What was your impression of Weil Cornell? I have started the process to see if I can get a consult there. I am also newly diagnosed as of last month with what I feel is progressive symptoms. Best of luck to you at John Hopkins!