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Hello, I've been contemplating for at least a week what to put in my intro. I'll keep it simple since were all in the same boat. I've saw a lot of dr's and not gotten a lot of answers.... So far my diagnosis is Dysautonomia/POTS. I'm a 32 year old male standing 6'1 weighing 200lbs. My Bearded Dragons Vet told me about Chiari and she wanted me to have it ruled out. About a month ago my neurologist looked at my 2 year old MRI and said it was fine but I did have a 3mm drop... Needless to say I'm waiting to hear back from UPMC to see what they think.

I do have a question for everyone, do your symptoms change frequently? The past 2 winters I dropped over 30lbs. Currently I have an appetite and I'm trying to pack on the weight. I've been lifting moderate weights, cardio, and stretching. I figure if I get a little fat I'm not worried about it. I know I can always take it back off. Back to my point, I went to a Dr apt 7 months ago and he hit my leg with the hammer thing and it didnt react the way it was supposed to.... A month or so later a different doc hit my leg in the same place and it reacted the way it was supposed to! Do your symptoms seem to change?

Hi and WELCOME!!!!

I can tell you that , yes, my symptoms changed frequently ..both in severity and week it would be my legs that were the main issue...then my neck would be the real issue as far as pain..then the unbearable head aches...

I felt like I must sound like a nut case!!

Let us know how you are doing and making out in your journey.

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Good to know, thank you Lori and Emmaline! This past winter when I was loosing the weight I noticed that my finger and toe nails had ribbs in them and were starting to fall apart... Since my eating came back along with the weight the nails arent falling apart.

Ok my next questions (and I should probably start a new thread) How many people have Dysautonomia/POTS? If you do and had surgery how many of you did it improve (POTS wise) and how many did it not improve?