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I am a first year medical student. Nope, not here out of an academical interest. I’m the patient.
I live in a small town in Belarus, the white Russia called Vitebsk. I am from Maldives. I moved in October to start my medical career.
My headaches started last year in November. Couple of weeks into the headaches due to eye sight problems and balance issues I was instructed to get an MRI and after the MRI was thrown the word Chiari. Nothing to be done about it, said the neurologist. The symptoms got worse day by day. The tale of the events that took place between then and now are both hilarious and humiliating and are tales for another time.

Now I am barely managing. I am on Flunarin 10mg and Toprimate 25mg. And Piroxicam SOS. And other pain killers SOS. I still experience all of my symptoms; severe headaches that can be onset with almost anything, neck pain and spasm of the neck muscles.
I have recently started to experience episodes of loss of control of my bladder. Passing off stool onsets massive thunderclap headaches. Waking up requires time and effort because I wake up feeling like pure garbage and quite often in pain. I have to lay around for quite sometime before I can get moving. Haven’t seen a neurologist since these symptoms started due to the lack of availability of doctors who speak English and of course as a medical student lack of time.
These symptoms have interfered with my quality of life at large. So I’m here looking for both moral support and any tips of how to conquer these symptoms. And if anyone could provide me with the same, good online resources.

Hello Aish09! I’m sorry you’ve had so many issues and hope you’re able to find some sort of relief soon. I understand you are busy but if you don’t get to a Dr. You probably won’t see any improvement. The loss of bladder makes me think you may have developed a syrinx (sp?). If this is the case and you could experience permenant nerve damage. I am by no means a medical professional but you should be seen by one. Med school is important but your health and ability to continue living productively trumps that.
The only way I concurred the symptom was with surgery. I still have bad days but no where near what I experience before becoming a zipperhead :grin:
Good luck, stay positive and go the the DR!