New to it all

Hey y'all,

I am just dropping in to say hi & share a little.

Back in Oct of last year I was hurt at work & when finally seen by an ortho dr for the damage to my shoulder he later diagnosed me with Chiari 1 malformation. Since then I've been on a steady decline in health. I can no longer drive & had to have 16ins of y hair cut because I can't take care of it like I used to. Last week I went to the E.R with facial paralysis on my right side, vision loss, slurred speech & unable to use my right side at all. I had to wait 3hrs before finally taken to a room then another hour before seeing the dr. He didn't listen even when my mom told him all of what happened & my recent diagnosis of Chiari. His reply was "It can't be related to that." & sent me home with a referral to a local neurologist who can't see me until March. My local Women's Health Group sent a referral to another neurologist & I will be seen by him Monday.

Hopefully I can get something figured out soon because my job won't wait forever.

Thank y'all for being here for all who have this condition.



I'm happy that at such a difficult time you had the Women's Health Group who helped you get to a doctor much faster.

Is the paralysis still there or did it go away?

The paralysis has been coming & going but I still can't walk without help. My boss is expecting me at work tomorrow & I don't know how I will be able to do it but I guess I will find out.

Do check out your employment disability rights HERE if you need information/support for dealing with your employer.

Thank you Ms. Jules! That helps me a bit. Unfortunately I have to work, if I can make it though the shifts, I am scared of falling at work because of my leg no longer working as it should. Fingers crossed!

Well I went to work & was told to go home. I am a liability to the store & will need a doctor to clear me from work. Which I can understand from a business stand point. From my stand point I now have no way to buy food for my animals or pay my bills but hopefully I can make this check stretch. Fingers crossed.