New to group

Hello two year old son is autistic and was diagnosed with chiari type 1 last week. Was curious if anyone here has a very young child chiari and/or autism. Would also love the hear from anyone whose child has undergone recent surgery.

Thank you everyone


Melissa, glad you are here :slight_smile: I just typed in “child” in the search bar at the top if the discussions page. It brings up quite a few. I’m sorry your little guy has this diagnosis, you must be very stressed out. Is he symptomatic?


Hi Melissa,

Sorry you are going through this. I can relate. My daughter is older than your son (14 now) but has a similar diagnosis. She has Asperger's Syndrome (on the spectrum) which was diagnosed when she was seven. And she was diagnosed with Chiari 1 at 13. I also have Chiari. Neither of us have had surgery because our symptoms are manageable so far. But both of us have had increasing symptoms so we may need surgery in the future.


Thank u so much for your reply Denise and kind words. Best of luck to you and your daughter.

Thank u Jen. It’s so hard to tell bc he is so young and is non verbal. Dies not seem to be in pain though which is so positive

Yes, that sounds very positive to me. Has he been evaluated for sleep apnea? That would be a main concern for Chiari in a kiddo. I know member mommieinMD has a little one and they were concerned for Chiari with him- look up her discussions to see if find anything to help you there. (Go to member tab, type in her screen name).