New to Group

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I am new to Chiari and am still researching and learning.

I am really not sure how to proceed right now with my Chiari. I went to the Chiari Institute and they did recommend surgery. My issue is I have 5 children and I am the one that holds everything together. Also my 5 year old has a genetic disorder that is requiring he get surgery also. I have decided to try and manage my symptoms for as long as I can. The worst part is the headaches. Do you have any advise on how to help them? What has worked for anyone that has decided not to have surgery?

My PCP has given me firocet for my headaches but it doesn't always work. Thanks in advance.

I also have bad headaches. I take Fioricet and Amitriptylene (at night) . The pharmacist even told me to add Midol. It reduces fluid and helps with the pain. He even recommends it to men.

I am so glad you found this group of wonderful people. If you need anything please let us know. We all understand !!!

Tracy Z.

I have been decompressed but I take Zomig for my headaches. It knocks me out when I have a bad one but sometimes I can head one off if I catch it early with a half of a tablet and it doesn't make me as tired.