New to group/Surgery upcoming

Hello Everyone. My name is Brian. A few of you have been responding to my mother's posts on here and your support is greatly appreciated. This is my first time posting on this board in particular and I am curious to see what everyone has to say.

My surgery is scheduled for November 12th of this year, so pretty soon. I find myself being more anxious and scared about the whole process a lot more now than I did when I got over the initial fear and set the appointment. I am scared of the pain, the recovery and the chances that I will complications or a negative outcome. I am not completely focused on this and generally have a sense of positivity about the whole thing, but I have to be honest in saying I am getting a bit scared.

What did those of you that had the surgery do to prepare or calm yourselves? Was there anything that any of you would have done with the benefit of hindsight?

Right now I experience the following symptoms, and hope for them to go away!

Neck pain
Upper back pain
Nystagmus (I also have Septo Optic Dyslpasia which includes Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, so Nystagmus is something i've always dealt with, though it's noticeably worse now.)
Memory issues
Cognitive issues (word selection/speaking problems)
Pain in my calves
Hand tremors (not so bad with the aid of lyrica)
Poor gait/walk into things/trip
Poor sleep pattern

Some of these symptoms are all the time, some come and go. I find that I feel the most "crippled" by Chiari when the headaches ,pain/, nausea,dizziness and photophobia are hitting me at the same time. The other stuff I can deal with, however the memory issues and speech problems are relatively new (within the year) and really frustrate me.

Anyway... this is kind of a random post and I appreciate anyone taking the time to read it or respond.

Hi Brian, and welcome.

Glad to know you saw Dr. Oro and were pleased. I'm on day 2 here in Aurora and anxious to get past day 3. I have all of the symptoms you described, except the hand tremors..I tend to have those in my legs. My herniation was 5 mm before coming here..I'm anxious for Dr. O's measurement and take on the situation. I have all of the fears you do..and I'm a PACU nurse. I see surgery, anesthesia and recovery everyday..but when its ME..I have all of the same fears. I've only been on this forum a few weeks..and the people here are just awesome. You are among friends. I will be praying for your surgery Nov. 12.


I was so terrified the days leading to surgery. This is so normal. I tried to stay as busy as possible to keep my mind off surgery. Watch funny movies. Stay positive. Try to find humor wherever possible. I’m not a regular churchgoer but it helped knowing so many people were praying for me. A coworker gave me a prayer cloth that I held on to.

So far I have really been surprised by my recovery. I was released the next day and actually went to target for supplies. The pain is there but bearable. I take much less meds than prescribed. I try to make rest a priority so I keep feeling my best. It isn’t all sunshine and roses but good days have outweighed the bad so far. I hope this helps ease your fears a bit.

Feel free to message me with any specific questions or concerns!

My daughter is scheduled to go in for her surgery Nov. 20. It was so great to finally hear the NS say he'd do it but now we're all so terrified, her especially. You're not alone in your feelings or your suffering.