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New to chiari and the support group


So I’m new here only joined today bit I am also relatively new to Arnold chiari malformation& syrinx. I was diognosed back on 21/09/2016 when I was found collapses and unwell. As a result of this was rushed to hospital and it turns out I had meningitis and pneumonia. As they had to do scans to see if anything had spread, they had to do an EEG (Electroencephalogram). They then found that I had complex chiari malformation with syrinx deformation. Since then I have had admission after admission, collapse after collapse and treatment after treatment. What I’m suffering with is pretty complex as mine has caused a complete blockage so I have been told I will need surgery… (cranio vertrabrle decompression) but also have drills with shunt to stop the cfs fluid building back up. I had to see the brain specialist today and it’s all become g a little overwhelming and I’m getting quite emotional about it.

Welcome here, Lauren. Of course you feel overwhelmed and emotional: you’re dealing with serious stuff here. The good news is that you will find many people here who totally get what you are experiencing.

Ask away: questions are good. Start a conversation of your own. Use the search tool, and comment on an old thread. Doing any of those will bring help and support out of the woodwork.

Hang in there, Lauren, and hang out with us!

Seenie from Moderator Support

Thankyou seenie,

I was given this suooprt group info by someome who said it helped them get through it… And by the look of want a great community you are… I will just right here so thanks

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Welcome to the support group. We all understand how you feel, most if not all of us have been there. Please ask questions, try to get the most information possible. This group has helped me a lot. Even just reading other peoples questions and answers help. Best wishes.

Thankyou… I am checking for all information I need to cover so I know as much as possible, this group is really helpful :slight_smile:

I hope your doing well. Life can be overwhelming, I am glad you found this group!
Take Care