New & seeing NS tomorrow

Hi everyone! I am new to this site but not new to the pain that come from Chiari 1. I have been seeing doctors since 2011 because of nerve pain etc. that is progressively getting worse and finally got a diagnosis of Chiari1 with a 8mm herniation. I am seeing a NS tomorrow and am nervous about what to expect. Surgery/no surgery - not sure which i want to hear. I am from the Chicago area and found a NS from googling doctors that specialize with this problem. Does anybody have any great neurosurgeons that they would suggest in the Chicagoland area? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Karen, check out our Doctors List to see if there is anyone in your area.

Hi, Karen. How did your appointment with the neurosurgeon go?

Hi Karen, wellcome to the site, I am new just like you, scare just like you are, but this site is very helpful..I heard that is better to have surgery that not..even though after surgery the symptom still arise, but not as bad...please keep us update how you are getting on...and what you are deciding?