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New& Needing to lay down?

Very new to Chiari and my headaches/pain gets worse when I sit or stand. Even if I do little things (wash a couple of dishes or take a shower) from being up and moving makes my pain so much worse later in the day.
Also experience extreme light headed-ness whenever I stand. Is this common?
Really new no surgery yet just trying to learn how to cope when I’m bound to lying down and wondering if anyone else has the same experience?

I had a problem lying down due to increased pressure against the head. This is the other way round. Have you had your neuro scan your neck in standing position. It sounds like your tonsil & vertabrae is impacting much more when standing causing increased trauma. Could also be other unidentified problems in your neck. Have it checked out.

I definitely will and have also heard of a tilt test that I’m hoping my doctor will do.

I definitely experienced the need to lay down. It always helped my exertion headaches, which were brought on by movement, coughing, sneezing, etc. I didn’t experience lightheaded-ness you mention though. I had surgery a year ago which has helped immensely. So, yes, I have had a similar experience. Good luck!