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New Member, SE Michigan

Hi there,

Chari malformation diagnosis, Chiari decompression scheduled for May 9, 2017. I am a fairly positive person but today is not my best day. I’m scared. I know that’s normal to be scared. Who wouldn’t be at the prospect of someone opening their skull?

I have been focussing on post op preparations. Setting up aftercare with family, menus, and what I can do now to help those who will be helping me later. It has helped me to be positive.

I admit I am a bit emotional right now, but I did want to touch base with others in this forum, and say I am grateful to have found others going through this.

Sending out good vibes… hang in there!


Hi GiGi,
I am in SE Mi too…:slight_smile:. Please feel free to write with anything or if you just want a sounding board…:)! We all need that at times.
I will try and help as best as I can.
Wishing you the best of luck-!

Hi neighbor/catlover,

Thanks! I caught my husband’s cold so they rescheduled my surgery to May 31. I’m kinda glad but I really want to just get past this surgery, too, so I can move on!

Please feel free to msg me too!

Stay positive.


Can I ask who you are seeing for it? I’m newly diagnosed but live in GR

Todd Vitaz was my son’s neurosurgeon in GR. I hope that helps! My son is doing very well. :slight_smile:

Hi, wishing you the best with your surgery. I was diagnosed in Jan, Nuerosurgeon recommended surgery for Chiari and neck. I decided not to have the surgery after doing much research. I have the option if and when I need it. I have a 5mm herniation laying down, no syrinx, congenital CSS, bulging c-discs. I wear a soft collar when I sleep and a hard one when I start to feel ill or have a lot of pain. Tina