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New member, CSF leak


Hi, I am a new member. But I had decompression surgery on 11/6. I thought I was doing good until last Saturday I had to go back in to have a CSF leak repaired. They went in a said some of the stitches had come off. My question is does this mean I am rejecting the patch? Or could I have caused it? Because on 11/12 I had a very violent coughing fit. I choking on water, and it was so bad that afterwards I could actually feel my head pulsating, it felt like my brain was at a club and was in a lot of pain. The pain eventually faded so I pushed it off. But then a few days later every time I turned or got up my head would pulsate. That’s why idk if i could have caused it. I don’t know how long it takes for a CSF leak to show itself but mine leaked through its incision about 11 days later after the coughing fit.’now I’m extremely anxious and can’t stop worrying about this happening again. How likely is a second CSF leak?


Did you ask the Dr if that coughing fit might have been the cause of the leak? I had surgery a little over a year ago and one thing my surgeon impressed upon me was that it was imperative to not vomit, cough hard and try not to sneeze the first couple of weeks. I was on so much anti nausea meds it was crazy, but the worked. She told me it was critical that scar tissue build up where the patch was. My patch came from my own skin. I would ask the Dr if you haven’t as to the cause of the leak.