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New Meds

Went to the pain clinic yesterday. They were not really creative. The doc did seem willing to try to understand Chiari however and listened to everything I told him about my symptoms. However, he didn't have a whole lot of answers. So, we are trying Topamax and Tizanidine. Also, next Tuesday I have an appointment to go back for a steroid injection in my head. He is hoping that the injection will ease the pain enough for the Topamax to work. We shall see.

I'm ever hopeful that you can find some relief, Rese. I understand this journey, I've been making these type of Dr rounds for over a decade trying to get relief for intractable back pain.

Sending my best,


Ironically, the last 2 days has been worse. Woke up this morning and couldn't move my head without bad pain in my neck shooting up through my head. Now I feel like my head is going to fall off. I'm going to quit work for the day, I think and just relax.

How did the medicines work out for you? Did you end up stop talking that mix all together? I too have Chiari and has decompression surgery but am still having episodes and need to find a new med cocktail.

Nothing worked at all. The new meds at the time made things worse. I'm now on gabapentin which might actually be helping some.