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New Diagnosed- Baby Aspirin Question

Good Morning,
I was just diagnosed with Chiari this past Friday. What an awful weekend! I have been doing research constantly since then and am happy to have found this site.

I have Factor V Lieden and have been on baby aspirin for about 10 years. (After a large DVT during my pregnancies). I was told in Sept. to stop taking them as my stomach was having a hard time with some antibiotics in my gut.

New Years this year I was struck with lightening in both eyes and then the next day I was unable to get out of bed due to my headache. But unlike the migraine that I thought it was, it never went away. That was a month ago. It seems to come and go and I have been through antibiotics and steroids for sinus infections and lots and lots of IB profen. Finally, a wonderful, wonderful OB doc who I saw for a routine procedure listened to my symptoms and got me to a doc she knew for a MRI FAST. She of course was worried about a blot clot in my brain.
I started back on the baby aspirin right away and I swear I could feel the difference the next day. I felt so much better! 2 days later the MRI showed Chiari, but no blood clots. I have continued to take the baby aspirin and my headaches have continued to change. They started in my sinuses and now have moved to the top of my head and my ears feel plugged.
Nothing online supports baby aspirin helping, but I can’t help but to wonder. Perhaps just coincidence. Anyone have any similar experience?
Have a NS appointment scheduled 3 weeks.