New DEA law re: Hydrocodone, doc needed in Boise Idaho

Hi Everyone! I've just moved to Boise from out of state and was told by a pharmacist here that effective 10/8/2014, Hydrocodone is being changed to a class III so we will now have to go into our providers office every time we need a refill and pick up the RX and deliver to the pharmacy so for those of us that take this medication for pain and quality of life it's going to be a real pain in the butt!

Does anyone on here know of a good General Practitioner in the Boise area that I can see to follow my care? I would appreciate any recommendations so much! Otherwise, it's to the computer to try and find someone :( I'm just so tired of doctors thinking I'm a drug seeker before they even talk to me.

Thanks so much everyone!!


Ahh!! Sorry guys but I made an error! Hydrocodone is being changed to a Schedule II drug not a III and it goes into effect on 10/6/14. I also saw on a news report that you can get up to three months of written scripts from your doc at a time.

Why can’t you continue to get your scripts from the doctor that you currently see? The only thing that has changed is the law about how the script is written, not who writes it. So instead of my physician writing my refills for a year, which he usually does, I just went to him, and he wrote me for 3 months. I also use my primary now to write all of my scrips and I take control for them. I keep track of when I will need them, I walked into their office last week and dropped off my letter with all 6 refills I needed. On it I list what physician recommended the medication, the dosage, amount, generic, etc. They write the scrips and I pick them up the next day. I found that this makes the physicians more comfortable as well as myself. They know that I’m not going doc to doc ‘looking for a fix’ like so many seem concerned about. I have complete faith in my primary…if he has a concern, something doesn’t look right or there may be an interaction he picks up on it right away, and all of my important information is in one place. It has worked very well for me. We do mail order prescriptions so this helps also if there is ever a snag with them, only one doctor to deal with.

Great ideas! Thank you! I left out an important detail. haha My husband and I just moved to a different state so I don't have a new GP yet. I'm nervous to find a new one. It's just so hard when you love your doctor and they treat you with dignity and respect (they are not all like that) :(
Thanks again for the tips!