New and Confused

I am new here and really need some advise. I am from a small town in Wyoming. The doctors here don't seem to much about Chiari. I was diagnosed in June after having an MRI. The report read I was bordeline with a 4.28 herniation. At the time I was only having daily headaches for about 9 months and some tingling in my hands and feet. Since then the tingling in my hand has just turned to pain and eyes are doing really weird things. At times I feel like my heart is going to beat out of chest. I am nausea a lot and a few other things. I decided I would try to see Dr. Oro since he is only a few hours away. Well Chuck called last week and there was some conflicting info in my records and would like me to send my MRI images to him with the $75. I did that and he called today. He said the providers there said I don't a herniation and I don't have Chiari. WHAT? I am soo confused. I know they are the specialist but really. On the mri I sent them there is a red line with the tonsils going under it. I just don't know what to do next.