Neurologist nonsense

Well, I had my neurologist appointment last Wednesday. My husband and my mom went with me for support. I expected that seeing a neurologist wouldn't go too well, but it actually went worse than I had anticipated.

I explained to him that I have had headaches almost daily for 5 years or so, and that all of my other symptoms have progressed and gotten much worse since then. He looked at my MRI, and said it looked good. We asked him about Chiari and he acted like we had just said the most bizarre thing ever and simply said "no, there is no herniation. So no, you don't have Chiari". However, he couldn't tell me what IS wrong with me.

He wrote me a prescription for amitriptyline. I asked him if this would interact with the Prozac I am already taking, to which he said "no, there is no drug interaction between the two". He didn't give me a choice in my treatment, basically just said "take these". After leaving his office and doing my own research, I found out that there can be some pretty nasty interactions between amitriptyline and prozac, so I decided against taking it. I found in my research that one of the most common side effects of amitriptyline is actually head pain. I got a good chuckle out of that one. Goodness knows I don't need to take anything that could make me feel worse.

I told him about my constant muscle spasms in my legs, and that my toe twitches constantly. He laughed at me. He literally looked in my face, and laughed at me. Didn't ask to see my toe, didn't ask anything else about the twitching. When I asked if this drug would help with muscle twitches he said "it might. Some woman felt cold all the time, started taking this medicine, and now she's better". I still don't understand that statement :P

I handed him a 2-page long list of all of my symptoms that I've been dealing with for what feels like eternity. When he took the list from me, the look of disgust on his face and the way he grasped the papers looked like he was taking something I had wiped my butt with before handing it to him. He looked at the paper for about 5 seconds, handed it back, and told me once again just to take this medicine and come back and see him.

Needless to say, I won't be back to see him. I have no respect for someone who laughs at my misery, or for someone who is so quick to throw a pill at me. He did not give me a diagnosis, just a pill. My insurance runs out at the end of this month, and I can't afford any of the plans under Obama care. I guess I will pay the $95 fine for the year and just go without insurance. It doesn't seem that I will receive any help from doctors anyway.

In the meantime, I have to figure out how to cope with the constant pain, and all of the new crap that keeps popping up. Over the counter meds don't help with any of it.

Anyway, just some of my frustrations. Thanks for listening to me whine!

Bananas, I can assure you I’m not laughing at your symptoms, nor is anyone else here. Did this guy even do a neurological exam? Did he test your reflexes? This guy sounds horrible!!! I understand your situation with the health insurance- and I hate to hear that- is it not feasible to get on your husbands plan? Have you looked into qualifying for subsidized healthcare through your state? I don’t want you to go a whole year. Another suggestion, and I apologize as you’ve probably thought long and hard about all of this already, but can you try to appeal to your primary care doc to get a cine before the years end. Maybe if you explain what happened with the NL “specialist” and how worthless the appt was they will be willing to do more to help. He she can prescribe preventatives too for headache and maybe more willing to take more than 2 minutes to figure out the right med for you- to try at least. Hang in there nanners- I know this getting hard but your smart and resilient. Remember that whatever your situation- there is always hope and always a way. Your not alone.


I have had similar experiences with Drs...Jcdemar gave great advice.

I just wanted you to not give up. I was just diagnosed with Chiari this year. I had an MRI in 2004 a few even before that as a kid. And they told me they saw nothing. Can you get a hold of your MRI and read the notes the radiologist wrote? I found out I have Chiari that way. If you can bring the CD with you, you can show it to other Drs you see in the future. You defn' need a neuro exam.

I feel your frustration though. I have been looking since I in my late 20's/early 30's for someone and I am going to be 46 in Jan!

I finally found someone this year who listened. There is hope. Such an animal does exist! Lol

Still waiting to rule out everything else that could be the cause of these headaches and other symptoms so I know surgery will be the right choice.

Please let us know what is going on with you as you search for answers! You are definitely not alone sweetie!

Hang in there! :-)

If you were in the same geographic vicinity, I would swear that I saw that bozo. I had the same thing happen when I went to my first NS in TX. My oldest son and I laughed so hard I cried from headache pain. It is no laughing matter, how you are feeling. It is sad that the medical board licensed such a schmuck! I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. You came to the right place to vent. We all understand, so a little too much, what you are experiencing. Hope you find the right doctor and feel better soon.