Nervous about surgery

So my husband and I went to my follow up appt after he ordered my latest MRI. Found out that it is 13mm in size. Doctor still suggests surgery,and I want relief from pain too. Just nervous about having my spine and brain touched…plus I am nervous about recovery with a 19month old.

Hi Roxanne,

I know you are nervous about the surgery. We all are nervous. You will have at least 4-6 weeks of recovery when you will probably need help with a 19 month old baby. It may be longer until you will be able to pick the baby up. Some people take longer to heal. The surgery itself goes easier than you think. Most hospitals are very good about managing pain, too. I was in ICU for two days and then in a regular room in the neuro unit for two days. You will have pain, I'm not going to lie, but I am sure it will be less than you would expect. It seems like the most horrible thing to have someone touching you spine and brain, but those surgeons know what they are doing. If you are confident in your doctor and you have a good support system at home, I know you will do fine:) If you want to talk more, let me know.



I agree with Carla Joe it's normal to be scared. My son was 2 1/2 when I had my decompression and we needed alot of help. Fortunately most people will step up when ask. You can ask people to pitch in with meals or baby sitting coming to the hospital to help you ect... When you tell people you are having brain surgery most people are very understanding. 13mm is significant but it's a personal decision to have the surgery. It is a treatment and not a cure so they can't guarentee that it will get rid of all your symptoms. The most important decision is who will do the surgery. You want someone who does a lot of decompressions and has a good reputation. You can always get a second opinion if you have doubts.


Thanks ladies. Im very confident in my surgeon. He is the besy of the best. I guess its the idea of surgery itself. I do have a great support system in place so I guess it is just going to take a min for me to wrap my head around this whole thing but my doc it excellent in understanding and more than happy to make me and my family feel comfortable

It sounds like your doctor is great! Take your time with soaking up all this information. If you are like the rest of us, it is shocking to hear that you need to have brain surgery! It is perfectly natural to be nervous and anxious about all of this:) Take care and keep us posted.


Thanks Carla, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone and going insane. That what I feel is completely natural. I well keep everyone updated :slight_smile: