Nervous about first NS appointment

I have just recently been diagnosed with CM and everything seems to be moving so quickly. I saw the NL a couple weeks ago and he ordered a cervical spine MRI (which I did Monday), and he was going to send me to a NS. I’ve been doing a lot of research on all this and I’m learning a lot from everyone on here.
I just got a phone call from the NS’s office to schedule my appointment. (Keep in mind th NL did not tell me who he was sending me to see or wether or not they specialized in CM)
This lady was less than pleasant, to put it nicely, and asked me which of their surgeons I wanted to see. Being I didn’t know anything about any of these drs, I didn’t have a preference but asked if any of their drs specialized in CM that I would prefer that Dr. Then in a demeaning and gruff tone she says to me “They’re Neutosurgeons, they’re all specialists with that!” Wow. Ok, I know I’m new to all this but correct me if I’m wrong, I didn’t think they were all CM specialists and I live in Michigan and haven’t found any in my area that specialize in this.
So my question is, should I run now? Or should I brave it, because I’m more nervous after that unpleasant conversation than I was before. I’m sorry but some people should not be allowed to work in drs offices when they have to deal with patient who are dealing with things like we do. Just saying. Thanks for listening. Just had to get that off my chest.