Need to learn how to make others understand

I just got home from picking my kids up from school and feel like a crappy parent I had my sons principal tell me my son told her three times my mom just left. It was his 2nd day of preschool and I couldn't even walk him to the door, it took everything I had to make it long enough to take them to school this morning because I had been dealing with a headache since last night and still went to work only to leave at 5 this morning because I was so dizzy that I could barely standup long enough to make it home which is only 2 minutes from work. Then proceeded to lay in bed and have my whole body twitch for 20 minutes. It took all I had to take them to school instead of keep them home because the pain was to bad to get up.

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I think I worded that wrong I did have a bad headache and still some shakiness this morning that I couldn't stand with my son in line so I just had to drop them off. In the past I've kept them home because I was in to much pain to drive. I have called a neurosurgeon in the area to make an appointment but need doctors referral. So now I have to wait to see my neurologist to get him to do the consult. Right now I take Tylenol #3 for pain when Tylenol & ibuprofen don't work.

Nykki said:

Hi Elisa,

You really need some pain relief. Being in that amount of pain can be dangerous when driving. Have you made the appointment with the neurosurgeon yet. If you have went blind in one you could have developed papilledema which is swelling on the optic nerve caused by increased intracranial pressure. If gets that intense and no one will listen to you, you might have to go to the ER. And you might have to get creative. I have once told them that I slipped and fell at a relative's house because I didn't know that the hose from their washer had busted and I slipped and fell. This actually happened to me before at a previous residence.

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I'm so sorry Elisa, have you had surgery yet? It is so hard for others that do not live with us to understand that that jaunt to school and back put you down further than before you took them.. Sometimes we have those days that we really just need silence, medication and sleep.

I myself had to leave working behind Dec 2012...for two years prior I was on Intermittent FMLA. It was just to much, when I would work sometimes I would forget how to do my own job altogether. When I did go, when I got home I would medicate and then just slept until morning. I'm very lucky my daughter is older and understands... But I did have to go in before she started a new high school and talk to her Counselor and Principle, explanations to both of them of what is Chiari and how sick I do get.