Need help finding a doctor (Texas)

Diagnosed yesterday by local spine surgeon. Referred to local neurologist (Midland, TX) appt. on Wednesday. Please help guide me where to go!!

Dallas, Houston, Colorado, New York?

Would like to stay in Texas, to minimize cost, but I may not have time to be choosy.

Spent last 3 years seeing doctor after doctor. Have MRI’s and recents for the soon to be NS. I need someone that I won’t have to beg for surgery. That will understand I refuse pain meds and decline PT, trigger point injections and the like. Have had rounds of TPI, nerve block and a rhizotomy. Not sure if most are easy to get into and how far out they schedule surgery, but if it’s not too crazy to push for finding someone who can consult and schedule within the same week would be phenomenal to not have second trip expenses.

Here’s the kicker. Due to divorce, my peach of a cheating ex husband is dropping me off BCBS coverage December 15th. Is it possible or crazy to think surgery by then would be a miracle? Right now, have deductible and OOP met and just got to insurance covering 100%, which, I’m screwed if I can’t find someone fast!


Thank you,