Need Dr. Referral in Phoenix AZ

Thank you everyone for your comments on my previous discussion "New to Chiari - need Advise". It really has been great. As I mentioned we saw our first NS a couple weeks ago, Dr. Igor Yusupov he was very nice and came highly recommended by my GP. He was the one who told my son that when his symptoms become too life altering he should consider the surgery. We left his office with a "wait and see" approach. Well my son has had 3 tempural migrains in the past week. Keep in mind that is has been 110 here in Phoenix and the heat is a trigger for him escpecially because he works in a warehouse that is not airconditioned and last night was washing his car when it hit him. Well, he came into the house last night and said "this is bull..***" I can't function like this...I want the surgery. I responded to him I will set up appointments to get second/third opinions. I know Dr. Yusupov is on the list of recommended Dr.'s but is there any other ones that someone can refer me to. It would help.

Thanks so much!

We have seen Dr. Yusupov, he is on the list, but looking for more recommendations